The Fulham Supporters' Trust began life as the Back to the Cottage campaign, formed after Fulham Football Club announced it had dropped plans to develop Craven Cottage on the lines of the planning permission received in February 2001.

What began as a group of like-minded fans distributing leaflets and engaging the media to seek answers to a number of pertinent questions, soon developed into organisation campaigning under the Back to the Cottage banner. Following a packed meeting at Hammersmith Town Hall, fans decided to establish a Supporters’ Trust, following the successful model in place at more than 100 clubs across England, Scotland and Wales. The Trust is wholly independent of Fulham Football Club and was set up with the assistance of Supporters Direct, a government-funded initiative who aim to help fans “who wish to play a reasonable part in the life of the football club they support.”

A series of meetings with local authority representatives, politicians and advice from planners, architects and business people helped the Trust put up a convincing case that, counter to the club's position, a return to Craven Cottage was not only viable, but the only way to secure Fulham's future. The campaign was helped by generous donations from Fulham fans and support from former Fulham players and coaches as well as the wider footballing community. The club announced on 3 September 2003 that they would return to Craven Cottage - and Fulham played their first competitive game back at their historic home against Bolton in August 2004.

Since our return to the Cottage, the Trust has been engaged in a positive dialogue with the club, holding regular meetings with club officials.


Since 2014, at the instigation of Fulham Football Club Chief Executive Officer Alistair Mackintosh, members of the Trust Board have met with senior representatives of Fulham Football Club on a monthly basis as part of a structured relationship between the Trust and the Club. The meetings have no set agenda, with the Trust representatives free to ask any question they wish, and notes from the meeting are prepared by the Trust Board for rapid circulation, first to our members and then to the wider Fulham fanbase. The meetings are always attended by Mr. Mackintosh and a selection of the Club's management board and have become an excellent forum for frank discussion and cooperation.

The structured relationship has served to help increase trust between the Club and the fans and has delivered a number of tangible benefits already for Fulham supporters, which include:

  • Securing Fulham's long-term future at Craven Cottage
  • Delivering a three-year season ticket price freeze
  • Regular meetings with the local police forces, local councils and the football authorities to raise concerns of Fulham fans
  • Supported the award-winning work of the Fulham Foundation, including the 'Fulham Memories' and Walking Football projects.
  • Held successful supporters' events, such as the Fulham History exhibition and the Trust's end of season dinner, at Craven Cottage.

These successes led to our structured relationship being recognised in a Government report produced by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. The expert working group update stated:

At Fulham FC, the Fulham Supporters' Trust sends a delegation from the Trust Board to a monthly meeting with the Chief Executive (and other club officials as appropriate). The club recognises the suitability of the Trust for structured dialogue with the clubs supporters, with the Trust able to raise any items of significance and the notes published and widely distributed. This structured relationship has greatly increased communication and trust between the club and Fulham supporters.


The current elected Trust Board, comprises of:

Tom Greatrex

Chris Gilbertson

Gerry Pimm

Dan Crawford

Ian Clarke

Sue Couch

Les O'Gorman

Owen Smith

Archie Rhind-Tutt