Fulham Supporters Trust History Project

 This is an ongoing project to capture the thoughts and impressions of supporters through the years. This is not an A-Z history of Fulham Football Club, that can be found elsewhere. This is a history of the supporters, their experience through the decades.  My name is David Gregg and in conjunction with the FST I'm looking to build an archive of videos, photos and documents relating to Fulham Football Club from a supporters perspective. Please contact or send any items or photo's that you have permission to display on this site to ffcoyw@virginmedia.com.

In February on a very cold and grey day I walked along the Putney Towpath. Either through accident or design Craven Cottage blends well with the suroundings of Bishops Park and the river and the apartments that line the path to Hammersmith. No concrete monolith or brightly coloured space craft.

The working "Diesel" boat gives a hint of how this part of the river was highly industrialised in the 1950's. Listen to the memories of the "Fulham Voices" that paint wonderfull memories of those days