Matchday Atmosphere Report
Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 12:36PM
Fulham Supporters Trust

There is an ongoing debate at Fulham FC about the match day atmosphere. Why do the away fans always sound louder and the Hammersmith End losing crowd noise through the gaps in the stand are just two of the comments made.

Matchdays form an important and regular topic of discussion between the FST and the club. From food, drink, disabled facilities, toilets, stewarding, ticket prices and much more.  One area we keep revisiting is how to improve the atmosphere during a game.

The club have from time to time requested reports from companies who are experts in sound and noise within a stadium.

The club have kindly passed on one of those reports for the FST to publish. The report was undertaken in the autumn of last year at home game vs Norwich.

Here are some of the main points and summary from it.





The trust would welcome any comments back from this report to take back to the club so please contact by email at

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