Fulham Supporters' Trust statement on Wembley Stadium
Thursday, September 27, 2018 at 3:49PM
Fulham Supporters Trust
Responding to the decision of the FA Board to approve in principle the sale of Wembley to Fulham chairman Shahid Khan, Tom Greatrex, chair of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust, said:
“With Shahid Khan’s bid for Wembley subject to much speculation, the Fulham Supporters’ Trust has continued to discuss any implications for Fulham FC with both Chief Executive Alistair Mackintosh and also representatives of Mr Khan. They have reiterated that Fulham’s long term home will continue to be Craven Cottage, with Shahid Khan committed to building a new Riverside stand to improve the ground. Craven Cottage is an integral part of the unique character of Fulham Football Club - something the owner and senior executives at Fulham understand and appreciate, as well as fans. Whatever the outcome of the bid for Wembley, Fulham fans want to see Fulham play at Craven Cottage for the long term.  The board of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust will continue to represent this view.”
Article originally appeared on Fulham Supporters Trust (http://fulhamsupporterstrust.com/).
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