Notes from June meeting with Fulham Football Club

Tom Greatrex, Michael Gregg and Dan Crawford of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust met with Alistair Mackintosh (AM, chief executive officer), Casper Sylsvig (CS, chief revenue officer), Carmelo Mifsud (CM, communications media relations manager), and David Daly (DD, non-executive director) of Fulham Football Club at Motspur Park on Tuesday 12th June 2018 at 10:30am

Fulham attended their first Premier League meeting last week having won promotion. They were welcomed back by the other Premier League clubs and it was agreed that the Club would report back to the Trust on the issues discussed at future Premier League meetings which are held quarterly. AM confirmed that the recently publicised decision on a winter break was taken at a previous Premier League meeting and that Fulham did not vote on the issue. It was too early to say what Fulham’s plans would be for the proposed winter break.

The Trust thanked the Club for the advance notice of the Fulham’s pre-season tours and friendlies. The Club have subsequently announced that Fulham’s final pre-season friendly will be held at Craven Cottage on August 4th against Celta Vigo.

The Trust enquired as to if the end of season Video and playoff final would be available as a download instead of just on DVD. CS replied he would investigate the possibility of making that available.

CS confirmed that the new kit will be produced by Adidas as per the current contract and will be on sale in July. It was not confirmed as to who would be the sponsor for the coming season, even though the club are halfway through a two-year deal with Grosvenor Casinos.

The Trust queried why none of the training kit had been produced in white. AM, CS and CM said that the Club hadn’t produced white training gear for some time but the idea of producing more white merchandise, following the success of the white wall at Wembley, would be considered. AM said that Slavisa Jokanovic and his coaching team preferred the darker colours for training kit.

The Club would still be using Ticketmaster as their ticketing contractor for another two years. AM and CS confirmed that the Club were still receiving feedback from supporters following the play-off final and that this would be reviewed. Trust representatives reiterated some of the difficulties encountered by fans, most notably when trying to book by telephone, with many having received very high phone bills as a result. The Trust also asked that feedback from supporters be part of discussion with Ticketmaster particularly in relation to online and phone capacity. AM also acknowledged the questions he received at the Trust’s AGM but believed that, despite those frustrations, the Club’s overall ticketing policy for Wembley had been proved effective in ensuring high numbers of Fulham fans in attendance.

CS also confirmed that they are talking to Ticketmaster for an update on the upgrade they were working on to allow fans to pick away seating at games.
AM and CS confirmed that the loyalty point ticketing system would be in place for away tickets during the forthcoming season. It is particularly likely to come into operation at grounds with smaller away allocations, such as Bournemouth. CS asked the Trust to put forward any ideas or changes for the current Loyalty Scheme and the Trust confirmed it would look for feedback from fans and look at this in a future meeting.

The Trust raised correspondence received about the relocation of Riverside season ticket holders during the construction period for the Riverside Stand and their return once this work was complete. Some supporters had also been in contact about the potential of moving into the Putney End, which the Club was considering as a feasible option along with other solutions. The Trust will take these ideas forward through the proposed working group and liaise with Sean O’Loughlin in the first instance. It was envisaged that a series of meetings could be held with Riverside season ticket holders to discuss various options and deal with specific queries.

AM confirmed that there are no further hurdles with the planning permission for the Riverside Stand now that the PLA have given their consent. He also confirmed that the Club were pressing on with the appointment of a contractor for the works and they hope to have this completed by the end of July. Once this is confirmed and the appointed contractor has had initial discussions with the Club, Fulham will be able to release further information about the timescale for the construction works.

Supporters have been in touch with the Trust about the possibility of incorporating some of the Club’s history and heritage within the new stand as well as discussing what could be housed within the new facilities. It was agreed that David Daly, club historian Alex White, representatives of the Trust and supporters be invited to discuss some of these proposals over the summer.
The Trust raised the announcement of pricing for season tickets for new applicants for 2018/2019. AM stated his view that existing season ticket holders had benefited from an attractive renewal offer prior to the cut-off date and that the Club did need to look at sales from a business perspective.

AM and CS said that the strong take-up from existing season ticket holders meant that the Club felt justified to price the small number of remaining season tickets available at increased prices and that the Club had received 8000 expressions of interest from fans for season tickets since the play-off final, indicating significant demand over the available number of season tickets. The Club confirmed that there was a cap in number of season tickets available to comply with Premier League rules and also in anticipation of a reduced capacity when work on the Riverside Stand redevelopment commences, ahead of the 2019/20 season. Those who had expressed an interest in purchasing a season ticket were being contacted over the course of the next few weeks in order of priority – based on booking history, membership and when they expressed an interest. AM and CS also said that some of the pricing increase in the Riverside Stand was designed to prepare season ticket holders for the construction of the new stand, whilst the increased prices and contacting of those who have expressed interest individually would also hopefully prevent touting from being prevalent.

The Trust raised concerns and gave examples of increases in both adult and junior season ticket pricing if these came into effect for 2019/20. The Trust expressed their concern that even with a reduced capacity in 2019/20, using the published prices for new applications in 2018/19 as the renewal level for 2019/20 would restrict the number of long-standing fans able to commit to season tickets, or whose season ticket purchase might come at the expense of being able to support the Club at away and Cup fixtures in higher numbers.

AM confirmed that the prices published at this time did not represent any kind of baseline or starting point for 2019/20, and that no decisions had yet been taken about future pricing.

The Trust proposed a number of ideas for consideration ahead of decisions being made for 2019/20, including the possibility of introducing two pricing bands for junior season tickets (such as an under-12 and under-18 cut off) to mitigate the significant increase in prices for children.

The Trust also suggested that the Club should consider looking at the ways that other clubs have reward loyalty amongst their season ticket holders within their future pricing structure, citing the example of Watford’s price bandings following promotion as one that could be considered in balancing long-standing loyalty with sales to new fans at a ground with a smaller capacity.

Continuing the debate with other examples the club stated they would be considering a range of options, and the Trust asked that this be a subject for ongoing discussion and consultation ahead of any final decisions being taken. The Trust also committed to providing a report that included both supporter opinion and approaches taken by other Clubs as the basis of further discussion prior to plans for 2019/20 being announced by the end of the 18/19 season.

CS revealed that he would shortly be presenting to the Club’s board about match day pricing and memberships. It was the Club’s intention to continue with a membership scheme, although they were unable to confirm precise details at this time.

AM said that the Club were making good progress with regards to acquiring targets in the transfer market for the forthcoming season. The system for recruitment would remain the same as in January, although he expected that the completion of deals may well be delayed by the World Cup. The Club were actively looking to sign the right players as soon as possible, especially given the earlier end date of the summer transfer window this season.

The Trust raised the recent announcements by the Government and the Labour Party on safe standing, which were likely to devolve the decision to clubs and local safety advisory groups. The Hammersmith and Fulham safety advisory group have indicated that they would be in favour of the introduction of safe standing and the Trust asked the Club whether they would be willing to look at proposals to incorporate safe standing areas in the old ‘Enclosure’ or the Riverside Stand. The Club confirmed that they would be open to discussions on this, subject to the football authorities granting approval.
The meeting closed at 11.57am
At noted above we have discussed with David Daly some initial ideas for how the heritage and history of the Club and some of our former players and managers contributions can be reflected in the new Riverside Stand.
While this is at an early stage, David has agreed with our suggestion of holding a meeting with him, club honorary historian Alex White and a small group of Trust members to put forward ideas for consideration ahead of decisions being taken about the fit out of the new stand.
This is a separate exercise to the wider working group on the Riverside Stand that the Club have indicated they would establish with the Trust on relocation during construction, facilities and other aspects of the new stand.
It is envisaged that this meeting will take place on an evening during the close season, dependent upon the availability of David and Alex. If you would like to be involved, please let us know by email to fulhamtrust@gmail.com

On behalf of the Fulham Supporters Trust Board


Promotion Secured

The Fulham Supporters’ Trust warmly congratulates everybody associated with Fulham Football Club on winning the playoff final at the weekend, and securing promotion back to the Premier League.

While that sentence might accurately and succinctly sum up Saturday’s outcome, it does nothing to reflect the exhilarating way in which promotion was secured, the record breaking achievements of the season particularly since Christmas, and how much it means to all of those who love Fulham Football Club.

Results are important in football, but winning while playing entertaining and exciting football is what every fan yearns to see. Under Slavisa Jokanovic, we have been privileged to see a team built according to his principles, playing some of the best football in the country, with a team spirit and determination which transmits from the pitch to the stands -all making it a joy to watch them play, home and away. We have seen players develop and improve, forming a cohesive, committed unit that has surpassed all expectations. To go half a season unbeaten in the Championship is a remarkable achievement.

The culmination of the season at Wembley on Saturday was the perfect way to finish the job. For Fulham fans, having waited longer than almost anybody to play at Wembley, it was the spectacle we wanted, and having 38,000 there to support the Whites was going to make it something special. The game was billed as youth v experience, skill v solidity, naive pretenders v the football establishment - yet the way in which Fulham controlled the game and created chances from the start, it was Aston Villa who looked overawed and unnerved by the occasion.

Fulham fans wanted to play their part, too. When the Trust ran a Twitter poll on what colour fans would wear to the final, the #ffcwhitewall was born. With social media, blogs and podcasts also pushing it, it is credit to the club for getting behind the call to action and helping create the magnificent sight of the east side of Wembley resplendent in white in the sunshine, with the volume and passion of the support more than matching the opposition fans, who after a few minutes subsided into sullen murmurings for much of the game.

Over the next few weeks, the Trust will be preparing for next season and we want to encourage more members to get involved. Please keep an eye on our website, follow us on Twitter (@fulhamsupptrust) and encourage friends, family and fellow fans to join the Trust too, to support what we all want to see and will experience for at least the next season - Fulham playing in Fulham at the top level of English football.

Enjoy the close season


Tickets Latest news

Ticket Info:

-Overseas fans who have bought tickets but did not give a UK address will not receive their ticket before travel and can collect from Wembley on matchday. You will require the card you paid with and copy of confirmation. You can contact Ticketmaster aftersales with any questions 0333 003 59395

-Family area tickets. Wembley will be policing this area and there are rules in place where say for example ten adults turn up with 2 kids they will not be allowed into the area.

-Non-arrival of ticket's. Fulham FC cannot assist through the Ticket Office you must contact Ticketmaster aftersales on 0333 003 5935

-You cannot upgrade or downgrade a ticket (adult to concession or concession to adult)

-FFC Hospitality team will provide info to those who booked directly with them in due course


Map of the pubs in Wembley which will be designated to Fulham fans for the Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final:


View Pubs for Fulham Fans in a full screen map


Playoff Final Ticket News Update:

-Tickets will be sold in a staged release of Blocks with 10K in the first batch and then more released as it progresses along.

-You will be able to buy by block and pick seat and row within it.

-First set of lower tier tickets on sale will be to about block 115

-First set of Middle tier tickets on sale will be to about Block 215

-Upper tier will go on sale after the two other tiers have sold out.

-Maximum transaction is 10 per purchase. If you wish to purchase more it may be better to do it on the phone and tell the TM agent that you want to buy 10 and then say another 5 for example but sit all together. They can put through the first transaction and then continue with the second part.

-There is no official singing area, but the Trust would recommend blocks 110-113 as the area to look at booking and as such may be unsuitable for young children or elderly fans.

-The family area is 105-108 and is on a first come first served basis.

-With Family and Friends you must make sure you have it set that you can manage the persons tickets if buying on their behalf.

With over 38K tickets available there should be enough to go around and we will try to give updates on the numbers sold as often as we receive the information.