The Tring Family have been watching Fulham since 1905. Dick Tring introduces many if not all of us to a world we only read about. Supporting Fulham from 1920's onwards. He was local born and lived and met his future wife in Bishops Park. He was there when Fulham had their biggest crowd ever against Millwall in 1938 and gives a good anecdote about Syd "sonny" Gibbons. The picture of him suggests that he was not one to upset.

His family owned the grocery shop in Kenyon street from 1925 to the 1950's that still exists today.

Other contributors are his wife Jean and son Graham. Jean gives a powerfull description of life during the war and Graham leads us to "Sir Craven", and I suggest we all re-think this mascot with a bit more empathy. He also reminds us of plastic pitches and the Malcolm McDonald season where although he condemns the Derby game he reminds us that there were earlier failures that cost us dear.

It is good to compare Graham and Phil Mison on the Jimmy Hill years. Both have good comments to make. Graham may also be responsible for the parking restrictions on match day, and also he reminds us that Roy Hodgson didn't have a great start to his Fulham management. But then also tells us of his biggest miss when as a supporter he has missed no more than a handfull of home games over 30+ years. One of them was the game against Juventas. 

This is a longer video than normal but ends with a 1925 vision of Fulham v Manchester Utd that only recorded 1 goal scored by Fulham who eventually lost 2-1.

Think of this as a gentle get togethor,where the wine is cool and the talk is jolly. Where we disagree and then acknowledge that maybe we remember differently from you. Enjoy!